Sample Iconic on The Noun Project

P.J. Onori

The Noun Project

As big fans of The Noun Project we’re happy to announce that Iconic’s flattened SVGs are now a part of their collection! We’re always looking for new ways to get Iconic in peoples’ hands and this could be a great fit for those of you not ready to pull the trigger on Iconic (yet).

Whoa, you put all of Iconic on The Noun Project? What Gives?

Slow down, tiger. We’ve only put the flattened SVGs—so they don’t have any of the styling, responsiveness or smart features that make Iconic special. These are the basic forms that are great for mockups or simple one-off uses.

We know that Iconic is pricier than other options. This will give folks a chance to play with our icons in their most basic form without having to commit to an Iconic license up front.

Keep in mind that you still need to purchase each icon from The Noun Project at $1.99 if you don’t want to provide attribution. So if you’re planning on using any more than 20 of our icons, the unlimited license starts to make more financial sense.

More options = :)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We want you to use Iconic. This provides another way for people to start working with Iconic—and that's a good thing. So by all means, have a look and enjoy!

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