Iconic and Foundation, Sittin' in a Tree

P.J. Onori

Iconic and Foundation

We have exciting news so we'll cut right to the chase... we've partnered with Zurb to make Iconic the official icon set of the newly-released Foundation for Apps. Twenty-four of Iconic's icons ship with the framework and will come with all the features which make Iconic what it is.

Why we did this

We're big fans of ZURB and what they've been up to all these years. We especially appreciate the aggressive adoption of new web technologies in Foundation for Apps. We think it only makes sense for a modern-web framework to use a modern-web icon set. Honestly, we made Iconic to be used and there aren't many better opportunities to get Iconic into people's hands than this.

How Iconic works in Foundation for Apps

After our initial discussions it was clear that the ZURB team wanted to use Iconic to the fullest. No arguments here! As our two projects continue to evolve we'll be working together so you get the full monty of Iconic's features in Foundation for Apps—smart, responsive and stylable. You can learn more about using them in the Foundation documentation.

Open source & commerical aren't enemies

We've mentioned this many times, but it bears repeating—we want as many people to use Iconic as possible. This is a great step towards making that happen. We can't give away everything for free, but we're proud to have 24 of our icons in such an important Open Source project. We can't wait to see what you do with Iconic and Foundation for Apps!

Learn More

Here are a few resources you can check out to get up to speed with Zurb's thinking and goals for Foundation for Apps.

Better tools for rapid prototyping lead to better design discussions resulting in better final products. We think it's all pretty exciting.

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