Iconic 1.9.0 is Released (along with an added bonus)

P.J. Onori

Iconic Version 1.9.0 & Relay Early Access

It’s been a busy three months since we last shipped an update for Iconic. We’ve received a ton of great feedback and requests from you all – we weren’t able to get to everything, but we’re headed in the right direction.

So, for those of you who may not see your desired icons in Iconic yet, take solace because we have a special treat for you. As mentioned, we’ve been busy cranking out a new product. It’s called Relay and we made it to simplify your team’s design communication process. Relay is in private-beta, but as an Iconic customer, we’re giving you early access. We'd love your support on Product Hunt today, and when you put in the email address you use with your Iconic account during sign up we’ll jump you to the head of the line! Pretty sweet, right?

What’s new in Iconic 1.9.0?

New icons

We have nine new icons and added Dribble and Flickr to the Social icon. Iconic now has Barcode, Copyleft, Copyright, DNA, Lightbulb, Alt On, Lightbulb, Alt Off, Open Hardware, Pill, Star, Empty.

We received a lot of requests for sports-related icons, which as you see didn’t make it into this release. Those icons proved more difficult to draw at all three sizes than initially thought. We did’t want to push those icons out piece-meal, so expect them in version 1.10.0 or 1.11.0.

Updates to iconic.js

iconic.js had been updated to version 0.4.3 and uses the latest SVGInjector, version 1.1.3. Here's what's new...

  • Added support for re-enumerating element IDs for all the rest of the IRI references, including color-profile, cursor, filter, linearGradient, marker, pattern and radialGradient. SVGInjector already supported clipPath and mask.

This extends our support for addressing the issue of having multiple instances of the same SVG on a page where only the first element with that id ends up being referenced. Browsers often shortcut the SVG Spec and ignore elements contained in parent elements that are hidden, so if you hide the first SVG instance on the page, then all other instances lose their references.

More to come in version 1.10.0

We’re really excited to move forward with web components – and we feel comfortable building them out now that Polymer has settled into a 1.0 release. As always, we’ll continue to make new icons as well, so stay tuned!

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