Iconic 1.8.0 is here - 20 new icons!

P.J. Onori

Iconic Version 1.8.0

It's been a long time since our last update to Iconic, so we wanted to make version 1.8.0 substantial. We've added a whole bunch of new icons—many of which are based directly on your feedback.

Google Plus Icon (Finally)

I apologize folks, this one is on me. I was far too stubborn about adding the Google Plus icon based on the rumors of its demise. The Social icon now has Google Plus. Thanks for the patience on this one.

Plus Nineteen More Icons

While Google Plus easily was the most requested icon, we also added a bunch of others to the set as well. Iconic now has the Browser Full Page, Browser Viewport, Building, Carriage Return, Check Thin, CPU, Flow, Group, Keypad Mobile, Marquee, Menu Selected, Palette, Pilcrow, Plus Thin, Pointer, Screen Viewport, Share Social, Weight and X Thin icons.

Don't fret if you your requested icon isn't in this list—we'll keep pushing out new icons in subsequent releases!

Update on Iconic's Web Component Promise

We take our Kickstarter promises very seriously, so we have by no means forgotten about our stretch goal to deliever Iconic as a web component. The problem we're facing is that the technology is very much in flux as is the polyfill framework Polymer which we plan to build on top of. What we don't want to do is release our web components just to have them break on you the minute you upgrade Polymer (yeah, it's that much in flux at the moment). So we've been intentionally sitting on this piece to let the dust settle a bit.

More Coming Soon

We hope to have smaller, more frequent updates in the subsequent months. Our updates will likely be focused on adding icons based on your requests. Let us know what icons you'd like on Twitter—we look forward to hearing from you!

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