Iconic 1.7.0 is ready to go

P.J. Onori

Iconic Version 1.7.0

This is a big one folks—lots for us to share and lots for you to enjoy. We’ll skip all the pomp and circumstance so we can dig into the details.

What’s new in 1.7.0

8 new basic icons

We’re listening to your feedback. Nearly all of the icons in this release come from direct requests. Iconic now has Easel, Inkwell, Loupe, Network, Open Source, Rocket, Screenshot and Syringe icons.

Iconic 1.7.0 new icons

If there’s an icon you want to see in Iconic, please head over to our Community and let us know. We take your feedback very seriously.

3 new smart icons

Our Shape icon is pretty cool if we do say so ourselves. You can choose the shape you want to display with data-shape and then put in initials (ala Google Docs) with data-text (2 character limit). There’s a lot more that we can do with this icon in future releases. Stay tuned.

Iconic 1.7.0 shape icon

Want to display an OS icon? The Platform icon has got you covered. Choose between Android, Apple, Linux and Microsoft with the data-type attribute.

Iconic 1.7.0 platform icon

We’ve been wanting to create a closed eye icon (as have a lot of our customers). Now the Eye icon can be toggled between open and closed with the data-state attribute.

Iconic 1.7.0 eye icon

New social icons

We’ve added Pinterest, Vimeo and YouTube icons to the Social icon. We plan to hold off on adding Google Plus, but let us know if there are any other icons you’d like us to add.

Illustrator symbols

Iconic is designed for the web first and foremost, but we are always trying to find more ways to make Iconic more useful. That’s why we created an Illustrator symbol library. Now Iconic can be easily used in your static comps. There are a couple ways to import our symbol library—read Adobe’s docs for the full skinny.

On a side note, we’d love to support Sketch symbols too, but their symbol implementation has a bit left to be desired. Once it’s a little further along, we’d like to ship with it.

iconic.js updates

iconic.js is now up to version 0.4.2 and uses the latest SVGInjector, version 1.1.2. Here's what's new...

  • We're using an SVG mask element in the new Shape icon so we now make sure mask ids and their references are unique (like we already do for clipPaths) so we can safely use masked SVGs multiple times on the same page.

  • We're seeing Iconic being served up via more CDNs lately so we updated the regex that was matching SVG file extensions to allow for query strings on asset URLs, which is a common cache-busting technique used by CDNs. (Issue #17).

Bug fixes

Our Connections icon had some misnamed classes. We’ve fixed that up.

Webfont-only purchase option

SVG is the future. Period. That said, we know that icon fonts are still heavily used. We also know that many people aren’t quite ready to go all-in on SVG just yet. That’s why we’re now offering the Iconic webfont separately for the low, low price of $39.

Our icon font is pretty awesome—in many ways it’s best of class. Read all about what makes it special.

And when you're ready we'll give you credit for your existing webfont license so you can also easily upgrade to the full Iconic system when the time is right.

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