Iconic 1.6.0 is Out—Social Icons are Here!

P.J. Onori

Iconic Version 1.6.0

You’ve asked for social icons. Man, oh man have you asked for them. Well, now you have them. Iconic 1.6.0 is the smallest release but provides the biggest impact for many of you. So get downloading!

What’s new in 1.6.0

Two (big) new icons

Iconic now has Social and Browser Type smart icons. Enough said.

Iconic 1.6.0 new icons

SVGZ format

A lot of you use Iconic in ways we would have never expected. We thought the SVG format alone would work since all traditional approaches of serving SVGs can gzip files for you. We heard a lot of stories from folks serving up Iconic where that wasn't possible. In this case, SVGZ makes a lot of sense. So, Iconic now includes both SVG and SVGZ formats.

Our approach towards social icons

We knew that social icons were going to be crucial for people wanting to use Iconic. We didn’t want to jump into this part of the project without a plan.

Social is a single smart icon

We think it makes sense to bunch all the social icons and browser types into consolidated smart icons. To be honest, social “icons” aren’t icons–they’re logos. So better to cluster them into groups.

We didn’t adjust the social logos

We really wanted to. There would have been great opportunities to optimize the vector points for specific sizes. However, the logos aren’t ours to adjust and we would be crossing a line (both ethically and legally).

We didn’t (and won’t) add every social network

A lot of icon sets go crazy (in the scary sense) with how many social icons they add to their set. Iconic isn’t going to do this. We’re definitely open to adding new social icons based on your feedback, but we’ll be judicious in what gets in.

More coming soon

We’re making good progress on our toolkit and we have a lot more great features on the way. Stay tuned, more goodnesss is coming.

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