Iconic 1.4.0 is a Go!

P.J. Onori

Iconic Version 1.4.0

It’s been a busy couple months, to say the least. We had the chance to talk about Iconic at Future Insights Live and we’ve been putting in a lot of work on boring, yet important logistical tasks. That said, it’s also been far too long since we’ve released a new version of Iconic. Luckily, we’ve got a new version ready for you today. So, by all means, download Iconic!

What’s in Iconic 1.4.0?

This release has 10 new icons, but the real star of the show is iconic.js. Our JS library has made huge strides and we think you’re going to really like where it’s headed.


We’ve had some great discussions in the community forums and GitHub repos and it’s great learning about all the different ways you’re using Iconic. We’ve added some new features and fixes to both iconic.js and the underlying SVGInjector library to better support a variety of these use cases.

Special thanks to Tomasz, Marcus and Chauncey for their testing and code submissions!

10 New Icons

Iconic 1.4.0 new icons

We’ve added more icons to this release than we normally do. Iconic now has the Command, Database, Delta, Funnel, Hand, History, List-Nested, Radiation, Ratio and Route icons! If you went to our Future Insights Live talk, some of these may look familiar...

Open Iconic 1.1.1

We’ve also released a patch version for Open Iconic which updates the sprite method to use SVG’s symbol tag. This makes the markup to add SVGs to the page much cleaner. Since Open Iconic is free and open, you have no reason not to download it!

So what’s next?

Most of our updates have focused on our icons and iconic.js. There are still plenty of icons we’d like to add to the collection, but we really want to start directing our focus on making good on the rest of our Kickstarter promises.

We’ve made good headway on all of our promises and we’re going to be spending the following months to get them out the door. We plan to initally release something small and then continually iterate on them. We think you’re really going to like what’s on the horizon!

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