Iconic 1.3.0 and Open Iconic 1.1.0 Now Available

P.J. Onori

Iconic Version 1.3.0, Open Iconic Version 1.1.0

Now that Open Iconic is public, we plan to roll out regular releases for it alongside Iconic. This is our first dual release of both icon systems.

Iconic 1.3.0

Iconic 1.3.0 is all about refinements to the system. We added some new icons, implemented a much-needed feature to iconic.js and fixed a few bugs with some smart icons.

5 Brand-Spanking-New Icons

You asked for them and now you have them! Iconic now has the
Audio, Clipboard, Cogs, Game Controller and Header icons.

Open Iconic Version 1.1.0

We have plenty more icons in our queue. We’re prioritizing the design of future icons based on what we hear from you—so if you want to see a specific icon in Iconic, let us know!

PNG fallback support in iconic.js

IE8. There, we said it.

We know we are pushing the SVG story. It allows us to do some pretty neat stuff with our icons. But, like you, we are also working on projects and with clients in the real world and see all those browser usage reports too.

We’ve had some good fallback discussions over the last few months about a number of solutions for supporting non-SVG browsers, including using our webfonts.

We’ve now had a chance to do a bit more testing and work with some Iconic users to validate another solution: the previously available, but undocumented, pngFallback option of iconic.js.

If you have a project where falling back to a equivalent set of static PNGs for your icons will work, then this feature will make it easy to do... just define where you put your PNGs and iconic.js will use them when SVG isn’t supported.

Special thanks to Gabriel L. for his help and testing!

Bug fixes

We fixed an issue in Image, Media, Person and Resize where no icon was displayed if a size class (iconic-sm, iconic-md or iconic-lg) wasn’t set. We also fixed an bug with Media Skip where the height was being cropped if a size class (iconic-sm, iconic-md or iconic-lg) wasn’t set.

Open Iconic 1.1.0

We’ve released our first minor release for Open Iconic and it has some great new stuff!

SVG Sprite Support

Icon fonts are great and all, but they’re on their way out. A nice, simple replacement for icon fonts are SVG sprites. Chris Coyier has a nice writeup on this subject. Open Iconic’s teeny-weeny file size makes the entire 223-icon-sprite weight in at a paltry 45.1 Kb.

Chris Coyier’s approach works great for basic icons like Open Iconic—which is why we’ve made it a part of the set. This approach has its limitations—specifically its inability to take advantage of SVG’s semantic structure—so we’re still working on a solution for Iconic. Stay tuned.

5 New Icons, 223 in Total

We’ve added 5 new icons to Open Iconic as well.

Open Iconic Version 1.1.0

You now have Audio, Clipboard, Command, Header and Underline icons. Go check them out!

SVG Optimizations

Open Iconic was already small—now it’s even smaller. It previously weighed in at 75.6Kb across 218 icons. It’s now 61.8Kb across 223 icons. The icons are so optimized that we got rid of our minified SVGs altogether (there was only a 1Kb difference between the minified and unminified sets). Now that’s small!

Still more to come!

We still have a lot to do and we’re looking forward to getting it in your hands. Until then, let us know how you think Iconic and Open Iconic can improve in our Community Section. We look forward to hearing from you!

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