Iconic 1.2.0 is Available, Bootstrap and Foundation Support Added

P.J. Onori

Iconic Version 1.2.0

We promised it. You definitely wanted it. Now you have it. Iconic 1.2.0 now ships with ready-to-use Bootstrap and Foundation stylesheets. For some of you, this may be the smallest, yet most useful release to date.

What’s in Iconic 1.2.0

Bootstrap & Foundation icon fonts

Bootstrap and Foundation both use icon font solutions (Bootstrap ships with one by default while Foundation offers one separately), so it seemed appropriate for our replacement to be an icon font as well. As you (hopefully) have read, our icon font does some pretty cool stuff and you get all of that with our Bootstrap/Foundation solutions. In fact, we're using the same icon fonts we already ship with—all you need to do is use the framework-specific stylesheets. Speaking of stylesheets, our Bootstrap and Foundation stylesheets come in CSS, LESS, SASS and Stylus formats.

We’ve written a Bootstrap & Foundation guide to help you get started. Make sure you also read our general icon font guide if you haven’t yet. We’ve also added Bootstrap/Foundation code examples for every icon on their icon detail page. For example, you can see the new code samples for our File icon.

Bug fixes

We found (and squashed) a couple bugs in this release too. There were some placement/cropping issues in our Arrow Thick, Euro and Resize icons which have been all fixed.

More coming!

We’re still jamming on some cool new stuff which we’re excited to show you. If you own Iconic, make sure you download 1.2.0. If you haven’t, now may be the time to try it for free or better yet, purchase it!

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